Hygiene Info

Social Distancing ant any time. Stay a minimum of 1,5m away from any person

Wash your hands thoroughly

Please use your arm/elbow while sneezing or coughing

Do not touch, shake hands or hug any other person

Make sure to pre inform yourself about regulations of the respective golf club and follow the guidelines at any time

Wearing a facemask when entering the clubhouse pro shop or any other building of the golf course

Do not touch your face
with your hands

Make sure to fill out an attendance document when entering any building of the golf club or restaurant. This applies for any person also your accompany person

Book your practice round prior attending the tournament through the golf club. Do not attend the official practice round, if you have not pre booked your practice round at the respective golf club

Please use only your own golf balls or clubs while practicing. Do not touch a ball or a club of a different person.

A player needs to be present at a max. of 10 min before his practice round or tournament round has started at the respective time.
Only the playing group needs to be allocated.

Corona Golf Rules

Covid-19 related additional/modified Rules of golf

The published rules may differ from each tournament. Please make sure to read carefully the respective corona golf rules and the hygiene proctocol listed and updated in your GJG account for the respective tournament

1. Flagsticks

The flagsticks may not be removed from the hole while playing a hole.

Penalty for violation: General penalty

2. Bunkers

If a ball comes to rest in a bunker from which the commitee has removed the rakes to prevent infection, and the position of the ball is affected by insufficient levelling of the sand by other players, the ball may be placed without penalty within one club-length not nearer to the hole where the ball come to rest in accordance with Rule 16.1c (facilitating abnormal course conditions in the bunker). Relief is not granted if only the player’s stance is affected.

3. Immovable obstructions

Ball washers and litter bins are immovable obstructions.

4. Holed

The definitions of holed are added by the following statement: If the hole is modified in such a way that the ball cannot fall to the bottom of the hole due to an insert in the hole, the ball is also considered to be holed if it comes to rest on the insert.

5. Scores in stroke play

In modification of rule 3.3b, results in stroke play must be recorded on a scorecard as follows and communicated to the committee: Each player keeps his scorecard and must enter his results on it. To be able to confirm the results after completing the round, the marker records the results of the player’s holes on his own scorecard. The confirmation of the marker is only verbal and not by signing the scorecard.

In justified cases, the player can also inform the commitee of his results verbally.

7. No Specators

No Specators are allowed during the tournament rounds and the official practice round allowed to attend the golf course and the training facility

6. Code of conduct


If the rakes are removed, not levelling traces in the bunker sufficiently with the feet or with a club.

Serious misconduct

The valid contact restrictions according to the Corona Contact and Operating Restrictions Ordinance of the State Government cannot be observed without exception.

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Aphrodite Hills International Junior Cup is back on the schedule for 2022

Dear players, We are proud to announce that in 2022,  the Aphrodite Hills International Junior Cup will be back on the on schedule from 20 -23 January! The Aphrodite Hills International Junior Cup has ONLY 70 spots to register. If you would like to come as a group or...

Wonderful final day Holbox Junior Open at Herkenbosche

An hour after the players teed off, the sun broke through and that made it another wonderful day at Golfbaan de Herkenbosche. The boys had a great battle going on between Dutchman Mart Karsenbarg and Emil Albers from Germany. Although the former started the last day...



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