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Your kids would like to experience a Global Junior Golf tournament? What are the next steps to proceed?2023-05-26T16:10:53+02:00
  1. Choose your tournament from the annual schedule
  2. Read carefully the eligibility criteria of the respective tournament (such as Wildcard, HCP, national ranking and etc.)
  3. Read carefully the tournament Information sheet and check the Entry Fee vs. Package options
  4. Inform yourself about the available age classes of each tournament
How to register for a GJG event?2023-05-26T16:10:47+02:00

Once you have decided to enter your child into the respective tournament, you can start the registration process and choose the respective membership under the following link:
Make sure to always update the information in your GJG account (especially the HCP according to WHS, before you attend an event). Use an email address you frequently check on and make sure GJG emails will not end up in your SPAM folder!
After your payment for the membership has successfully processed, you will receive your Login details (it will be send to the players Email Address ONLY) for your GJG account (make sure to check in your Spam)
From now on keep your login codes at a secure place and in case you loose them, you can gain a new PW through the „Lost Password” function: Click the Button: Lost Password
Through your GJG account you will manage your tournament registrations. So now you are ready to sign in your child for the first GJG tournament. After you have clicked in your account the respective tournament, you will receive an automatic notification email. Please note, this is NOT a confirmation of your participation! Your participation is ONLY confirmed either if you have received an OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION EMAIL by the respective tournament director of the host or after entry deadline you can check the Entry List on the respective tournament page.

Gaining early entry status2023-05-26T16:11:12+02:00

Players, which want to receive an “early entry status”, can always contact GJG or the respective tournament director of the host (please check contact details in the tournament info sheet) to inquire about the entry situation. If a player doesn´t meet the eligibility standards (such as minimum HCP, national order of merit points), then please write a WILDCARD inquiry email as soon as possible to the respective tournament director. Limited Wildcards are available at each GJG tournament.
Your email should consist of the following important details:

  • International Ranking position WAGR, EGR or Juniorgolf Scoreboard (if available)
  • Current HCP
  • HCP improvement in the previous season
  • Local, national or international tournament results
What to do, if a player is on the Waiting List and why?2024-03-21T15:06:58+01:00

At GJG tournaments player register first come first served according to the individual tournament criteria. After the maximum field size has been reached, players will be placed first come first served on the waiting list. Players on the waiting list will be informed ONE DAY after Entry Deadline about their current status. Until the first day of the tournament players from the waiting list can move up into the tournament, if players being confirmed for the tournament have to cancel. As soon as a cancellation is noted, the player in the respective order of the waiting list will be informed, that entry will be granted. Ultimately the player has to reconfirm his appearance within 24h. If the players misses to do so, the next on the list will move up.

Confirmation of Participation: Starting the travel plans and further steps…2024-03-21T15:11:07+01:00

A player receives a confirmation email and would like to proceed with the travel plans. Please make sure to throughly read the confirmation email and follow the next steps as explained from the respective tournament director of the host:
With the confirmed participation of a tournament, a player has fully read and agreed
to the terms of the Tour Rules.
Plan you arrival and departure times according to information provided of the „Schedule of Events” or „Tournament Info” of the respective tournament.
Schedule your flights appropriate to the tournament dates. If a player mismanages his flight schedule or misses his flight, GJG or any other third party will not take responsibility. Tee times will NOT be adapted on the final round or any round.
Make sure that you have chosen a „Package” or „Entry Fee Only option, based on the „Confirmation Email” a player receives from the respective tournament director. Once a player has chosen a package or a recommended hotel, he accepts the hotel / packages cancellation policies. It is a player’s full responsibility to cancel hotel or packages by himself according to the individually set out guidelines. GJG will not take responsibility to cancel any hotel or package arrangement!
A player must have fully paid the ENTRY FEE for a tournament before Entry Deadline or within the terms of each individual host. If he misses to do so, he will be automatically put on the waiting list of the tournament. The Entry Fee even when a player is put on the Waiting List, because of not paying before Entry Deadline, is still due.
Make sure that your HCP and players profile is updated at least 3 days before the tournament.
Reserve your tee time for the practice round. Contact the responsible person of the respective tournament. Contact details are listed in the tournament info sheet.
If a trolley is needed, a player must check availability at the golf course.

Arriving at the tournament / What to do next?2024-03-21T15:12:14+01:00

Make sure to register in your GJG account to reconfirm that you will play (3 days before the tournament, the online confirmation starts). If a player misses to register, he can jeopardize participation and players being on site of the waiting list will take the available spot instead.
At some venues a profile picture will be a taken for a players GJG account. However a player can upload a picture to his account at any time.
Check the “Schedule of Events” for any special announcements, meetings or social activities during the tournament.
Make Sure to attend the rules meeting.
Check your tee times at the tournament office or on the website for tournament days. Tee Times for day 1 will be available at approx. 3pm on the “official practice round day”.
Make sure you have once again checked the GJG Hard Card, Tour Rules and if available the Corona Hygiene Protocol!

To do´s at the tournament2023-05-26T16:14:58+02:00
  1. Be on time for your designated tee time
  2. Scorecards, Pin Sheets, time tables and local rules will be given out by the starter
  3. GJG will not transfer the scores to a players home club. It is a players responsibility to make a picture or a copy of his scorecard at each day. A player cannot request a scorecard copy after the tournament has ended.
  4. Read carefully the “pace of play” sheets. GJG highly values fast play and the rules officials will emphasis on speed of play for every player.
  5. Comply with the Code of Ethics and make sure to treat playing partners, officials and tournament volunteers with respect. Rude unsportsmanlike can result in a disqualification
  6. Return a rented trolley to its origin
  7. Players are requested to attend the price ceremony. If a player is unable to attend, he must give notice to the tournament director.
Cancelling a tournament, when a player has already been confirmed…2023-05-26T16:15:36+02:00
  1. A Cancellation can only be done trough the GJG account. Any Cancellation BEFORE entry deadline by telephone or writing will not be accepted
  2. Make sure to remember the Entry Deadline and carefully read through the Cancellation Policies of each host!
  3. Any cancellation AFTER Entry Deadline, has to be done by email towards the respective host and GJG. Than cancellation fees will apply according to the cancellation policies of the respective host!
International Ranking Institutions2024-03-21T15:13:52+01:00

Global Junior Golf delivers one day after the final tournament round results to the following ranking institutions:

  • WAGR ( )
  • Junior Golf Scoreboard ( )
  • European Golf Rankings ( )

Each institution implements the tournament data within their individual processing times. GJG has no impact on processing times. For further information please inquire the ranking institutions.

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