You want to be a B-to-B Partner in Sponsorship, Partnership, Golfclub Cooperation, Advertising, Branding or an Investor? Plan with the Global Junior Golf Tour – more than 45 International Golf Tournaments and Venues. This is where you meet your potential customers and represent your products and services. Precisely targeted – Players, Accompanying parents and persons, Golfclubs and Partners!

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Global Junior Golf (GJG) has been created to provide Golf Juniors a platform for junior golf tournaments, where the Professional SetUp, Family Atmosphere, Breathtaking Venues, Golf and Players Development and Career are the key values. Juniors can enter a worldwide platform Global Junior Golf (GJG) to compete against the Nation Top Juniors. During the season players can participate at multiple events throughout the globe. For more than 12 years Global Junior Golf has been running together with their partners international venues.

Created in 2010 with the aim of bringing the sport of golf to a wider audience with a demand for professional golf. All our tournaments are WAGR, EGR and JGS ranked. 2024 there will be more than 45 international tournaments on the Global Junior Golf Tour. Please explore each venue individually for further details.

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The support of our advertising partners plays a crucial role in spreading our message and promoting our tournaments. Together we reach a wide audience and help take junior golf to the next level. We are proud to work with our partners to develop junior golf and help talented young players on their path to success. Their support drives us and enables us to fulfill our goals.

We are proud of the long-standing partnerships we have established with companies for many years. These partnerships enable us to provide a special experience for our participants.

What do you get out of it? Direct to Target Group – youth golf, golf courses and resorts. Use GJG for lead generation, lead enrichment and brand building.

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The support of our valued investors enables us to realize our vision and develop young golf talent on an international stage. Together we create a platform where players can showcase their skills and develop in a competitive environment. Would you also like to become part of our investor group or learn more about our partners? What can be interesting for you as an investor?

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The status is July 2024.