Tour Rules


When registering for a specific tournament (Event), a contract will be made directly between the player (or, if the player has not yet reached the age of 18, his/her legal guardian), and the host of the Event.

You will be contacted directly by the host of the Event you have registered for on this behalf and be informed about all relevant points of the contractual relationship.

You are obliged to pay the registration fee directly to your contractual partner prior Entry deadline. If a player misses to do so, he will not be confirmed to play the Event.

Your contractual partner will be fully and exclusively responsible to you for the overall operation and management as well as proper implementation of the Event.

Information by Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH regarding hotels or other accommodation that may be booked by you during a Tournament is given for convenience purposes only. Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH does not act as agent of or broker for the hotel or other accommodation as well as airport shuttle and does not enter into any contractual relationship with you in this regard.

The GJG membership expires at December 31st of the respective calendar year and will not renew automatically. The membership is non refundable.


Each event of the GJG Tour or the 23golfleague will be a 54 hole individual stroke play event with no cut. 

The Event will be held in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R&A Rules Limited, the GJG Hard Card and the Local Rules approved by the Tournament Committee.

The Local Rules will be published and posted on the tournament notice board at the venue or will be given out at the teebox on the first hole of an event.



Players must meet the eligibility provisions established in the tournament info of each tournament published on the respective website of an Event.



The Tournament Committee of each Event reserves the right to alter starting times and amend the Conditions of Competition if necessary. Decisions of the Tournament Committee, in all matters, will be final.



Players must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round. Exceptions: when permitted to ride by a Rules Official

Penalty for breach of condition: Stroke Play – Two strokes on each hole at which breach occurred;

In the event of a breach between the play of two holes, the penalty applies to the next hole. Use of any unauthorized form of transportation must be discontinued immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred. Otherwise the player is disqualified.



The player shall play in accordance with the laid down Pace of Play guidelines (see handbook, Model Local Rule K-2), which will be displayed on the Tournament Notice Board.



All recognized practice areas within the bounds of the course may be used by players for practice on any day of the competition.


8.  TIES

In the event of more than one player recording the same winning score a hole-by-hole play- off, will take place over holes to be designated by the Tournament Committee to determine a winner.

Should a play- off not be possible for whatever reason, the winner will be determined as follows:

8.1 The player recording the lowest final round score, if this is not conclusive, then

8.2 matching scorecards over the last 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 holes (Note: Holes 10 to 18 are considered to be the last holes regardless of the starting tee of the competitor) of the final round. If it is still a tie, the winner will be determined by lot. 

8.3 In the case of prizes for players on prize winning scores (2nd to 3rd place), in each Competition, all ties will be decided as outlined in 8.1. and 8.2 above.



When play is suspended by the Tournament Committee for a dangerous situation, if the players in a group are between the play of two holes, they must not resume play until the Tournament Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If they are in the process of playing a hole, they must

discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the Tournament Committee has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, he is disqualified, unless circumstances warrant waiving the penalty as provided in Rule 5.3a.

The signal for suspending play due to a dangerous situation will be a prolonged note of the siren.The following signals are in force:
Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged note of siren. Discontinue Play: Three consecutive notes of siren, repeated. Resume Play: Two short notes of siren, repeated


10.               CADDIES

Players are prohibited from using a caddie during a stipulated round. Penalty for breach of Condition is two strokes on each hole for which the breach occurred. In the event of a breach between the play of two holes, the penalty applies to the next hole. A player having a caddie in breach of this condition must immediately upon discovery that a breach has occurred ensure that he conforms with this condition for the remainder of the stipulated round.

Otherwise the player is disqualified.

In addition players are prohibited from either using a motorized transport (golfcart) during the official practice round. Breach of this condition will be considered a serious misconduct and may – at the discretion of the Committee – lead to a disqualification from the tournament (Rule 1.2b).
UPDATE: Caddies are allowed on the official practice round!



Player’s attention is drawn to each event of Global Junior Golf Code of Conduct, which is in effect throughout the tournament and will be displayed on the Tournament Notice Board. By registering for the tournament, it is accepted that players have read the Code of Conduct and agree to abide by the content .


Players are to be neat in their personal appearance and clothing during all practice and tournament rounds. The wearing of collarless shirts (excluding recognized brand golf shirts) and jeans (of any color) is not permitted. Wearing of golf shoes is limited to soft spikes only. Rude and unsportsmanlike conduct or behavior unacceptable by normal social standards will not be tolerated. Smoking, vaporizing and the use of alcohol is not permitted during the stipulated round (incl. official practice round). Any breach of these conditions could jeopardize further participation in the tournament.

All players should conduct according to the Spirit of the Game and the expected norm of Golf.

The Committee and/or single members of the Committee may impose Golf penalties upon becoming aware of a misconduct by a player. The following are – by no means exhaustive – examples of misconduct during the tournament:

  • Slamming a club to the ground, damaging the club and causing minor damage to the turf.
  • Throwing a club towards a golf bag that unintentionally hits another person.
  • Carelessly distracting another player making a stroke.
  • Not replacing divots
  • Not repairing pitch marks
  • Not raking bunkers
  • Pulling a trolley over the fringe or in between the green and adjacent bunkers
  • Audible emission or unauthorized use of electronic devices such as mobile phones on the golf course or during play

– In case of a serious misconduct the penalty of Disqualification might be imposed by the Committee. Examples of serious misconducts are:

  • Dishonesty
  • Deliberately interfering with another player’s rights
  • Endangering the safety of others
  • Deliberately causing serious damage to a putting green.
  • Disagreeing with the course setup and taking it on himself or herself to move tee-markers or boundary stakes.
  • Throwing a club towards another player or spectator.
  • Deliberately distracting other players while they are making strokes.
  • Removing loose impediments or movable obstructions to disadvantage another player after that other player has asked him or her to leave them in place.
  • Repeatedly refusing to lift a ball at rest when it interferes with another player in stroke play.
  • Deliberately not playing in accordance with the Rules and potentially gaining a significant advantage by doing so, despite incurring a penalty for a breach of the relevant Rule.
  • Repeatedly using vulgar or offensive language.
  • Using a handicap that has been established for the purpose of providing an unfair advantage or using the round being played to establish such a handicap.

Penalties for breach of Code of Conduct

  • First breach of the Code of Conduct – warning or Committee sanction
  • Second breach – one-stroke penalty
  • Third breach – general penalty
  • Fourth breach or any serious misconduct – disqualification.


12.               SPECTATORS

Spectators are requested to keep off tees, fairways and greens at all times and not to interfere with any player (Interference is only allowed as described in the Companion Guide). The audible emission of cell phones is not acceptable and cell phones should be switched off to silent. The use of golf cars by spectators is not permitted without the consent of the Tournament Committee. Failure to adhere to such requests could lead to the spectators being asked to leave the golf course. UPDATE COVID 19: Please check prior attending an event with the individual host, if a hygiene protocol is in place. Each Event has an individual Hygiene Protocol, which need to be followed at any time.


13.               TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE

The names of members making up the Tournament Committee will be posted on the Tournament Notice Board


14.               EXEMPTION OF LIABILITY

Each tournament Committee, organizer, the representatives of Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH and its management will not be held liable or responsible for any damages, loss, including personal loss and or other forms of loss, harm or injury sustained as stipulated below:-Physical and/or emotional injuries suffered by any person, including a player or spectator, during the tournament, due to any acts of God, suffered as a direct result thereof, including aspects such as being struck by lightning, etc. Physical injuries of any kind suffered by any person, including a player or spectator, sustained by own negligence, or otherwise. Emotional injuries sustained due to any loss, including death, suffered as a result of any of the above injuries sustained personally or by a spectator. Damages suffered to any property of a player or spectator by registering for the Tournament, it is accepted that the player acknowledges the exemption of liability as listed above and acknowledges the contents of the above, understands it, and exempts the tournament Committee, organizer, the representatives of Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH and its management from any liability as indicated above.

14.1. For questions of liability for damages suffered in the course or as result of an Event as well as delay or cancellation of an Event, please contact the host of the respective Event directly or note his contractual regulations or Terms and Conditions.

14.2. Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH is only liable for its own fault. In case of damage to property, its liability is limited to simple negligence. In particular, Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH cannot be held liable for any default or negligence of the organizer or host of an Event, its staff or contractual partners.

14.3. Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages, loss, harm or injury due to force majeure.

14.4. In case a tournament has to be cancelled, Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH will not held be liable for any cost a player or it´s accompany person have been incurred to rearrange their travel plans.



Electro Trolleys are allowed with no measurement devices as temperature and etc.

It is a player’s responsibility to check with the tournament director at each venue, if trolleys will be supplied.



Players attending a Co-sanctioned event, will play from the same tees during the entire event. The tournament Committee reserves the right to put players from both Tours in one group.

A Co-sanctioned event will result in an overall tournament and respectively rankings of any institutions such as WAGR, European Ranking, Juniorgolf Scoreboard and etc. will be ONLY applied for the overall result in either the boys or girls division (in case of limited numbers the committee reserves the right host a mixed gender WAGR category or tournament category). There will be NO separate rankings in age divisions!!! Each player is responsible to check prior attending a GJG event, if the rankings will be eligible for the respective Event. GJG cannot guarantee, that a certain ranking will be applied as this can depend on minimum participants or other factors. For full info player needs to contact the respective Ranking institution.

Please be aware that at Co-sanctioned events the following categories can be played for individual prices or qualifiers (a minimum of 3 players need to be participating in age group for individual prices; otherwise they will move up to the next age group being available at the respective Event or no prices will be given out), where players automatically upon registration will be allocated (please check each Event individually to understand which age groups are available):

  1. 23golfleague (23 & under)
  2. GJG Tour (18 & under)
  3. 16 (must be max. 16 at the start of the Event)
  4. 14 (must be max. 14 at the start of the Event; 14 player will tee of from different teeboxes and ultimately not eligible for WAGR ranking – EXEMPTION: in case the committee decides to let play player from age category 14 from the same tee boxes as the entire tournament, than players will be eligible for WAGR. Furthermore the results will be listed in one overall category at the ranking institutions ; if a player wishes to participate in another age group, he needs to contact the respective tournament committee for inquiry before entry deadline.)

Global Junior Golf delivers one day after the final tournament round results to the following ranking institutions:

Each institution implements the tournament data within their individual processing times. GJG has no impact on processing times. For further information please inquire the ranking institutions.


17.               TEEING AREAS

Teeing areas are announced on the info board of each tournament and the respective tournament website.  The Committee of each venue reserves the right to change the teeing areas during the event due to severe weather conditions and etc.


18.               REGISTRATION

A player is required to register for each event he is attending ONLINE in his GJG players account (Login: ) . Please check 3DAYS before the tournament in your players account under YOUR TOURNAMENTS. Here you will find the instructions to confirm participation. Please do not forget this process otherwise you will NOT be listed in the tournament. An automatic confirmation email will be sent to your account email, confirming once you have finished the process accordingly.


19.               PHOTOS / MEDIA

Players accept that all the photos or videos, which will be taken during the event, will be displayed on media, social media (e.g. Facebook / Instagram) and marketing Channels designated by representatives of Global Junior Golf Sports GmbH


20.               FEES :

If a player has missed to pay prior Entry Fees or Cancellation Fees, future participation can be denied.


21.               HCP / COURSE RATING / RESULTS

Each player is responsible for managing its HCP and always update his current HCP prior the start of attending a tournament (max. 3 days before) in her/his GJG account. HCP Equation will be based on the national federation setup. A player must self manage to retrieve tournament information according to it ́s needs of his home golf club or national federation. Copies of the scorecards after each tournament round can be taken in the tournament office. A copy of a scorecard will not be provided after the last day of the tournament.The hosting golfclub will only forward results to the national federation of the hosting golfclub

Course Rating information will be provided either in the golf club or the respective website.



22.1. Tee times for round 1 will be availble in the clubhouse and on the respective tournament website after 3pm on the official practice round day.

22.2. Tee times for round 2 will be posted after 3pm on day 1 of the tournament.

22.3. Final round tee times will be available one hour after completion of round 2

22.4. Requests for specific tee times and/or pairings will not be accepted


23.               PRICE CEREMONY

Every player is required to attend the Price Ceremony. If a player is unable to attend, he must inform the Tournament Committee before the Price Ceremony has started. Players which have gained a Price and do not attend the Price Ceremony will not receive a Price nor will the Price be send afterwards to the player. UPDATE COVID 19: Please check prior attending an event with the individual host, if spectators are allowed. Each Event has an individual Hygiene Protocol, which need to be followed at any time.


24.               TRAVEL & TRAVEL COVID-19

It is a players responsibility to check any governmental restrictions in his home country or the country/state the player is planning on to play the tournament. GJG cannot give any info on travel restrictions as these may differ from country to country. Please make sure to inform yourself thoroughly, before you start traveling, that you are aware of any restrictions or guidelines opposed by the government due to the threat by Covid 19.


25.               CORONA CANCELATION

In case the tournament will be cancelled due to Corona when the tournament has already started no refund will be made (the official practice round is defined as start oft he tournament). The host or GJG are not liable for any cost involved with the cancelation of the tournament.


26.               E-SCORING

E-Scoring is mandatory for every player attending a tournament. This ensures a hole by hole Livescoring. The player needs to make sure to have a mobile device with him. A link and login details will be send to the player a day prior each tournament round. Once a hole is finished the scores must be put in before starting the next hole! Every player is still required to enter the scores with his marker on a paper scorecard and needs to return in the tournament office! Once a hole is finished the scores must be put in before starting the next hole!

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