A player receives a confirmation email and would like to proceed with the travel plans. Please make sure to throughly read the confirmation email and follow the next steps as explained from the respective tournament director of the host:
With the confirmed participation of a tournament, a player has fully read and agreed
to the terms of the Tour Rules.
Plan you arrival and departure times according to information provided of the „Schedule of Events” or „Tournament Info” of the respective tournament.
Schedule your flights appropriate to the tournament dates. If a player mismanages his flight schedule or misses his flight, GJG or any other third party will not take responsibility. Tee times will NOT be adapted on the final round or any round.
Make sure that you have chosen a „Package” or „Entry Fee Only option, based on the „Confirmation Email” a player receives from the respective tournament director. Once a player has chosen a package or a recommended hotel, he accepts the hotel / packages cancellation policies. It is a player’s full responsibility to cancel hotel or packages by himself according to the individually set out guidelines. GJG will not take responsibility to cancel any hotel or package arrangement!
A player must have fully paid the ENTRY FEE for a tournament before Entry Deadline or within the terms of each individual host. If he misses to do so, he will be automatically put on the waiting list of the tournament. The Entry Fee even when a player is put on the Waiting List, because of not paying before Entry Deadline, is still due.
Make sure that your HCP and players profile is updated at least 3 days before the tournament.
Reserve your tee time for the practice round. Contact the responsible person of the respective tournament. Contact details are listed in the tournament info sheet.
If a trolley is needed, a player must check availability at the golf course.