Once you have decided to enter your child into the respective tournament, you can start the registration process and choose the respective membership under the following link: https://globaljuniorgolflive.com/register.
Make sure to always update the information in your GJG account (especially the HCP according to WHS, before you attend an event). Use an email address you frequently check on and make sure GJG emails will not end up in your SPAM folder!
After your payment for the membership has successfully processed, you will receive your Login details (it will be send to the players Email Address ONLY) for your GJG account (make sure to check in your Spam)
From now on keep your login codes at a secure place and in case you loose them, you can gain a new PW through the „Lost Password” function: Click the Button: Lost Password
Through your GJG account you will manage your tournament registrations. So now you are ready to sign in your child for the first GJG tournament. After you have clicked in your account the respective tournament, you will receive an automatic notification email. Please note, this is NOT a confirmation of your participation! Your participation is ONLY confirmed either if you have received an OFFICIAL CONFIRMATION EMAIL by the respective tournament director of the host or after entry deadline you can check the Entry List on the respective tournament page.