1. Be on time for your designated tee time
  2. Scorecards, Pin Sheets, time tables and local rules will be given out by the starter
  3. GJG will not transfer the scores to a players home club. It is a players responsibility to make a picture or a copy of his scorecard at each day. A player cannot request a scorecard copy after the tournament has ended.
  4. Read carefully the “pace of play” sheets. GJG highly values fast play and the rules officials will emphasis on speed of play for every player.
  5. Comply with the Code of Ethics and make sure to treat playing partners, officials and tournament volunteers with respect. Rude unsportsmanlike can result in a disqualification
  6. Return a rented trolley to its origin
  7. Players are requested to attend the price ceremony. If a player is unable to attend, he must give notice to the tournament director.